How does a bee juggle through space?

A Practice as Research project. 

"Our kinesphere will always travel with us as we move."

"In PAR as elsewhere in the state called knowing: the more you know, the less you think you know"

SCALES : "patterned movement sequences that can be repeated, in which one moves through a platonic solid in a pre-defined way."

An epistemic study into Juggling and Dance as a mode of translation, using Laban’s Movement Theory or Space Harmony.


By approaching Laban’s methods through Juggling, as an extension of my body’s movements, I aimed to discover new methodology for devising within my own practice and to share with other artists.

For a Bee, movement communication is vital. I aimed to tie the bee's into my research as they would be the topic of my next project.

One of the first experiments I did was applying Laban's movement scales to juggling. 

This involved first learning each scale and then creating my own versions with various props, including balls, clubs and pendulum balls.

These in themselves became choreography and I found the scales a useful tool for creating diverse movement within my juggling choreography.

I was particularly interseted in the concept of a Kinesphere, the space around ones body that you can reach in any direction. This area is what the movement scales are built within. 

I did experiments to discover what the boundaries would be for the space that one juggle in around the body. 

I based my diagram on an already existing art work of the kinesphere, which I do not know who to credit for. My diagram is a adaptation of what how it may look. 

The space below hip height would also need to be filled in but it is something I would like to explore further.


To bring together the Bees and Laban's theory, I used honeycomb structure as a devising tool combined with the scales and effort actions.

I used tape on the ground as a marker and imagined the hexagons as 3D shapes to move within.

I found this a unique and effective devising tool as well, 

however it wasn't that time efficient and didn't create results that were a fished product, rather than a basis for the choreography to develop from.

It has potential to be used in more ways, I just didn't have time to push it as far as I would have liked.



*This is a brief outline of my research, 

a full presentation will be uploaded soon, and a link to a site I made outlining each experiment.

If you are interested in any of the concepts metioned, please get in touch to discuss.

I am creating a workshop programe to teach my findings as a movement based practice technique.

More info to come!